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Celaritis - A powerful weapon against joint discomfort

Even if you need a new hip or knee or you are suffering pain in joints that can’t be replaced, like wrists or fingers, you could be able to get relief within 30 minutes. Remember, Celaritis® helps to stop pain and may prevent your condition worsening. Tested for its effects on a range of motion, pain levels, stair-climbing and endurance, Celaritis® showed dramatic improvements in all subjects. The range of movement and mobility increased substantially and enabled pain-free movement.

In a nutshell – what Celaritis® can do for you

  1. Bring fast relief from pain you may have suffered for years.
  2. Offer long-term restorative benefits (that have been clinically proven).
  3. Help cushion bones and joints, giving you flexibility and mobility without pain.
  4. Enhance cell membranes for better fluidity and elasticity.

Annette L

Age 68

“I was willing to try just about anything because I did not want to keep taking painkillers. I began taking the capsules as well as using the cream. Within the first week, I noticed a major change in my body… not only in pain reduction, but also in my ability to perform some of the activities that I had enjoyed for several years”

Doris S
Age 71

“I have very bad knees and need a knee replacement. I have been in severe pain, couldn’t get out of my chair without assistance, couldn’t walk without a stick, had to literally pull myself up the stairs, and the pain kept me from sleeping. Then I found Celaritis®. What a relief! I now have my life back under control.”

Allison M
Age 67

“Sometimes the pain was so bad I had difficulty going up stairs and had to hold onto the hand rail for support. After using the capsules for a month the pain has gone and has not returned. My husband has also been using the cream on his back when he has experienced pain and found he got immediate relief”

Nancy W
Age 66

“I have had osteoarthritis in my spine, hip and knee for several years. Then I tried Celaritis® capsules and cream. The cream has been really wonderful in relieving the pain and stiffness so I can function like a human being again